Dec 05, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

You don’t have to be a mobile worker traveling from place to place to realize how to save time and money while on the job.  There are lots of people who have to cover a lot of ground in warehouses or other large facilities who could get a lot more done if they didn’t have to lug their equipment around or take constant trips across large spaces to access or input information.  That’s where mobile workstations come in.

Loss of productivity and inefficiencies such as wasted steps to the printer, inaccurate inventory counts, improper labeling, time delays, manual processing and incorrect shipments are just some of the challenges that are alleviated with mobile workplace systems from Newcastle Systems.

With a custom-configured mobile workstation, any business can now take an entire “workspace or desk” and put it on wheels – with all of the electronic equipment powered by an on-board power pack. Most workstations can be set free from their cables for less than $2,200, with the benefits being so much greater – so quickly

There are a variety of ways that these mobile workstations can change the way your workers do their job for the better.  In fact, here’s just 5 WAYS To Change Your Business with a Mobile Powered Workstation:

  1. Staff Productivity
  2. Space Productivity
  3. Reduced Infrastructure Investment
  4. Reduced Workstation Equipment Needs
  5. Electricity Savings

They work in a number of environments such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution.  For more information, contact a RACO product specialist today at 1-800-446-1991.