Sep 10, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

Zebra MP6000 Scanner & ScaleThe Motorola MP6000 Scanner/Scale Multi-plane Bioptic Imager can capture any condition bar codes with amazing speed. Capturing bar codes on traditional loyalty cards, displayed on mobile phones or even impulse buys with an add on customer-side scanner plus using additional handheld scanners and EAS plus and is future proofed by adding on RFID readers. Resulting in satisfied customers with less abandoned sales and faster lines making for increased customer loyalty and more returning shoppers.

With no moving parts in the scan engine, the Motorola MP6000 scanner reduces power consumption by at least 30 percent and the buttons won’t wear out. Fully customizable with six ports you can easily add scales, the Customer Side Scanner, handheld scanners and EAS devices and it is future-proof allowing addition of RFID equipment. Built with durable sapphire glass it is not likely to scratch or show wear and tear. It comes supporting Checkpoint or Sensormatic system you have in place today for easy implementation. Unlike laser scanners the system is silent and fits into existing checkout stands and features a 6 sided 720 degree omni-directional scanning zone. Complimentary management software enables remote management of the entire scanner solution: scanner, scale and all attached peripherals.

Contact a RACO product specialist today to find out how the Motorola MP6000 Counter Scanner with Scale can future proof your checkout lines and offer your customers the latest in bar code scanning technology for increased customer loyalty.