Oct 03, 2012 / Written by Woody Myers

There are lots of obstacles that small businesses owners face every day.  Limited resources, wearing multiple hats, and, compared to their larger counterparts, small businesses face a large tech gap.

Small businesses like these are ?10 or 15 years behind,? said David Meade, executive director of the Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation, in the report. ?[Lack of technology] doesn?t necessarily impact the client base they have already built up. But it impacts their ability to develop new clientele, and to get their world out there more,? he said.

According to Mr. Meade, the good news is you’re not going to lose any of your customers if you don’t upgrade.  The bad news is you’re not likely to bring in any new ones either.  That’s definitely not the way big companies are going.  For example, AT&T stores will start moving to iPad-based Point of Sales by early next year.  Urban Outfitters is getting out of the register business.  Every day more and more companies are making this shift.  You can be next.

Mobile Point of Sale is not limited to just retail environments.  If you’re a restaurant, one emerging bit of mobile technology you could take advantage of is tableside POS.  Tableside POS is a game changer.

Tableside payment enables a customer to pay checks instantly. The check is displayed onscreen, and customers swipe credit cards at the table. They can also add in the tip on the device. The transaction is done in seconds instead of several minutes, making for happier customers and faster table turns.

More than one guest at a table can pay parts of the bill, making for easier split checks. Servers don’t have to remember which card belongs to each guest. Onscreen signatures add another point of efficiency, eliminating the need for check presenters or printing paper slips.

You could even use QR codes to easily inform customers about food allergy information.  As someone with family members who have very sensitive digestive issues, I can vouch that it takes a long time for a waiter to relate all the necessary information to someone who needs to know how something is prepared and whether or not certain ingredients are present.  Bringing technology tableside will keep your wait staff free to go where they need to go and stuck in one place listing every little thing that goes into a meal.

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