Sep 01, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers

wt41n0-vowWe recently heard from a customer who was having an issue: the SSL software part of the WaveLink Terminal Emulation software on a Motorola WT41NO device did NOT survive a Cold Boot or zero battery situation. Here’s what we told them to do.  Maybe this will help you, too.

When changing over an existing Wavelink TE Install to SSL security the following file must be created.  These steps provided will allow the SSL software will survive a cold boot or zero battery situation.

Create the file WSSL.cpy (SSL Copy) file containing the following commands:

ApplicationSSLlibeay32.dll > Program FilesSSLlibeay32.dll

ApplicationSSLOpenSSL_License.txt > Program FilesSSLOpenSSL_License.txt

ApplicationSSLranddata.dat > Program FilesSSLranddata.dat

ApplicationSSLssleay32.dll > Program FilesSSLssleay32.dll

ApplicationSSLSslExt.dll > Program FilesSSLSslExt.dll

ApplicationSSLSslExtSup.dll > Program FilesSSLSslExtSup.dll

ApplicationSSLwcecompat_License.txt > Program FilesSSLwcecompat_License.txt

The Operating System needs to be updated to the latest Motorola (Zebra) software version. This is accomplished by obtaining the Operating System files for your device from the Motorola (Zebra) website. Next Place the updated Operating System files in the Temp Folder using Mobility Center for Windows 7. Now go to the device itself and from the screen select the Menu / File Explorer / Temp Folder and run the executable to update the OS. In our example the WT41NO units are now running  OS version 3.54.02

Next, the Latest Wavelink Terminal Emulator and the Bluetooth Fix, CAB file need to be copied to the Temp Folder in the same manner. Using File Explorer on the device the CAB file needs to be run first followed by the Wavelink Executable File. For example this will update the OS with the newest patch CFE_WT401_CE_35402 and the Wavelink version to Telnet_CE_73219. Note that newer versions may now exist.

Next the additional files were copied to the Application Folder along with the latest SSL version.

  • WSSL.cpy,

The unit then needs to be Cold Booted using the RED Button 1 and the 9 keys depressed together for 5 seconds.

Finally, the OS, Radio, and Wavelink Configuration need to be restored to the device for proper operation.

For more troubleshooting information, call our Toll-free Service Hotline at 1-800-218-5417 or email to get in touch with one of our Factory-Trained Technicians.