Oct 04, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers
Teenage Girl Using Computer In Library

RACO Industries carries library labels and school library labels and supplies for your every need from laminated and non-laminated Teslin or paper thermal barcode labels which comes in singles, 2 part double labels, pairs and smart labels, spinal label sheets, quick stick removable hold labels and wraps, label protectors, EM security strips for books, journals, magazines, DVDs, CDs, games and more to even audio visual or AV labels for CDs, DVDs and games. We also carry Allsop strong boxes and even VHS labels!

Along with our extensive line of labels and supplies we can provide you with the Library Automation Software and even Asset Tracking Solutions to track people and property even on a campus-wide scale. RACO also has an extensive line of library and school hardware like automatic duplicating systems, scanners and barcode input devices, receipt and thermal barcode label printers, magnetic stripe readers or MSRs, and much more.

Contact a RACO Library Product Specialist for more information at 1-800-446-1991.