Aug 07, 2012 / Written by Woody Myers

We’ve been hearing from more and more companies in the construction industry who are interested in using iOS and Android tablets onsite for business purposes. They’re finding it much more efficient than the old paperwork and clipboard method. For example, Turner Logistics recently contacted us about devising a way to track items onsite using an iPad 3 that could access their Sharepoint database.

RACO Industries successfully delivered an iOS application to access Turner Logistics Sharepoint folders via the iPad Safari web browser. Here’s how it works: Turner labels their equipment with labels sporting custom QR codes. The manager would capture the code with the iPad’s embedded camera. While on the secure network, that scan would bring up the specific information sheet for that particular product. The manager would then input the necessary info, save it as a PDF, then upload the form to Sharepoint. This would also include any required signatures captured on the device as well as pictures taken, if needed.

This new process is working so well, Turner is looking at expanding this to improve their offerings. Following the job, they can go to the building owner with a complete record of every piece of equipment and its maintenance history. This allows Turner to provide added value to their customer by informing the owner of what service needs to be done and when.

Try doing all that with paperwork and clipboards.

If you’re looking at using tablet computers in the field, we have expertise on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, RhoElements, and more. Contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991 to learn what mobile solution is right for you.