Jan 20, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
Epson C7500GE Graphics Edition

The Epson C7500GE Graphics Edition combines the industry leading ColorWorks™ C7500G printer with powerful Wasatch CMYK raster image control to produce prime labels at high speeds. This speed and image control creates an ideal solution for both end-users and professional label print shops. This high productivity “mini press” offers print shops a digital press for a fraction of the price of solutions with similar capacity. Short run jobs can now shift from being a hassle to a major profit center. For the end user, the simplicity and control enables in house production of high quality labels maximizing flexibility and minimizing operating costs.

Key Features:

• Precise color matching
• Total color control
• Smooth detailed color and shade gradations
• Flexible image manipulation and placement
• Continuous media support
• Full bleed printing

Bundled Content

• ColorWorks C7500G color label printer
• Wasatch SoftRIP powerful raster image control software
• Epson PreferredSM Limited Warranty Plan – one year on-site service contract
• Six-months of Wasatch SoftRIP technical support

C7500GE Graphics Edition Color Label Printer FAQ

Q. What is included in the C7500GE?
A. The bundle includes the C7500G printer, a single user license of the Wasatch RIP, and one year of on-site service for the printer, and 6 months of free support for the Wasatch RIP.

Q. What industry is this product best suited for?
A. This C7500 Graphics Edition is ideally suited for the Graphics industry, and for users seeking the highest quality images and the ability to match precise colors for fast prime label printing.

Q. I recently purchased a C7500 printer. Can I upgrade my printer the C7500GE?
A. Yes. This requires the printer’s firmware to be updated to the latest revision; not difficult, purchase Epson’s onsite service and purchase the Wasatch SoftRIP from your local Wasatch dealer.

Q. Are there any new functions with the C7500GE?
A. Yes. Users can print using continuous media, and print with greater color management control using the Wasatch RIP.

Q. Is Variable Data Printing (VDP) available with this product configuration?
A. The Wasatch SoftRIP supports VDP printing with additional licensing available from your local Wasatch dealer.

Q. Can any C7500 or C7500G support printing on continuous media?
A. Yes. The printer must be updated to the latest firmware; version WAI32000 or later.

Q. Is the C7500GE printer different than the other versions of C7500?
A. No. All versions of C7500 are the same. The difference between the C7500 and C7500G is only the ink and the C7500GE is the bundled pricing.

Q: Will the Wasatch SoftRIP work with the standard C7500 printer used for matte media?
A: Yes. The printer needs the latest firmware, but otherwise works perfectly with the Wasatch SoftRIP.

Q: Should I buy a C7500 or C7500G?
A: This depends on your applications. If you are not sure and want maximum flexibility always choose the C7500G as it will print on all media types. The only advantage to the C7500 is that it yields a darker truer black on matte media. It cannot print on glossy media. If you know you will not need to print on gloss media and black is important to you, pick the C7500.

Q: What is the best way to produce glossy labels?
A: The most economical way to produce glossy labels is to use a lower cost lower gloss media and achieve the final desired gloss level with an over laminate. This also produces a very durable label. However, this requires the usage of a laminator die-cutter device. If ease, speed and lowest equipment cost are desired, then print directly on high glossy media using the C7500G.

For more details, call a product professional at 1-800-446-1991.