Founded in 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio, RACO Industries began as the brainchild of co-founder and CEO Rob Adams, its humble beginnings rooted in simple labeling supplies and equipment, forming the backbone of what was to come. As expertise in these basic necessities grew, RACO’s leaders made the natural expansion to include barcoding and data collection, forming the first major cornerstone of the business as we know it today.

Soon, RACO began to see the potential in incorporating the growing card industry into the data collection business. Already experts in printing and labeling, adding cards to our repertoire was an obvious next step, allowing RACO to provide specialized cards as an extra tool to help our customers to upgrade their employee IDs and gift certificate programs, as well as essential business systems such as tracking time and attendance and logical access.

As RACO continued to evolve, so too did the world around it in what everyone in the nation recognized as a technological boon. The power of the Internet was on the rise, and people became more connected than ever before. Soon it was possible to not just scan, store, and use data quickly within the four walls, but outside in the field as well. Mobilization and connectivity became the new paradigm, and RACO once again found itself reshaping itself to match the growing world. Field mobility and GPS tracking services were introduced, adding yet another layer of product and solution offerings to our clients.