This video shows you seven ways that our Yard Management Solution, powered by TrackX, can help your business.

WHITE PAPER: How A Flexible RFID YMS Can Optimize Operations & Cut Costs.

Gate House: Provides carrier scheduling and trailer processing tools allowing users to modify trailer information, assign location and update trailer inventory in real-time.

Carrier Scheduling: Tracks appointment times allowing both you and carriers to view and monitor performance.

Shipping & Logistics: Gives dispatchers/traffickers visibility of trailers and equipment, allowing them to assign tasks to drivers, and monitor trailer moves and dock door usage.

Yard Jockey: Provides real-time communication/task assignment to yard jockeys throughout the yard, and monitors their location and performance.

Dock Doors: Offers visibility to trailers at each dock door, as well as providing tools to track door productivity. Integrates with dock door systems for seamless load management.

Maintenance / Wash Bays: Automatically tracks equipment to/from various bays to help optimize bay processes and maintain accurate historical records for equipment.

Yard Visibility: Shares comprehensive, real-time information and reports between users throughout the company, as well as carriers and other parties, for complete yard visibility through an easily-deployed, cloud-based application.

How have customers using real-time yard management received an ROI in as little as 6 months?

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