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The RACO Relay is a highly configurable Windows-based application that is used in conjunction with GPS tracking data to process and transfer information from one location or database to another. When a mobile worker in the field uses a mobile computer or barcode scanner to verify a delivery, capture a signature, check in at a job site, or sign out a piece of equipment, the RACO Relay system pairs the transmitted data with the GPS coordinates and date/time stamp of the event, which can then be relayed to another electronic database that may be too far way or underequipped to receive a strong GPS signal. The result is an efficient, automated process that allows the mobile workforce to capture more detailed and accurate information, greatly extend the range of visibility of GPS location data, and streamline your reporting and logging processes between you, your workforce, and your clients.


The RACO Relay software allows you to automatically add GPS data to the tagged information transmitted by your workforce while they are on the go, and then distribute that information to other locations or databases as required by your business processes. This improves the accuracy and visibility of the information in your database, as well as virtually eliminates the manual work that would normally go into the logging and reporting of day-to-day activities, including inventory and asset management, verification of deliveries and signatures, location-based check-in, route accounting, and more. The RACO Relay software can even be configured to match the current workflow of your business, allowing for easy, seamless integration.


From conception through integration and beyond, our team of certified experts are here to guide you through every step toward attaining a RACO Relay solution to match the specific needs of your business. We also offer wireless support, equipment maintenance, and repair services over the entire lifecycle of your mobile data relay system.

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