Courier package delivery using signature capture on mobile computer

RACO Barcode Package Delivery is an ideal mobile application for same-day couriers looking to optimize their existing dispatch and routing application. Specifically designed to provide package visibility to your client base, the solution is a cost-effective means to ensure your parcels are received by the correct business. Ideal for small and medium-sized couriers, the RACO Barcode Package Delivery Solution provides accountability for all packages once it leaves the distribution center. The solution can also be configured for your unique needs or tailored to provide additional customer service offerings.

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Providing visibility of the package tracking process and documenting delivery information is the key to an efficient courier delivery system. Through the utilization of the latest in mobile content deployment, the RACO Barcode Package Delivery Solution allows users the ability to improve customer services by providing complete visibility of the receipt and delivery process. By combining package scanning, signature capture, and location information through a portable device, the solution enables instant information exchanges between the corporate office and the drivers.


RACO Barcode Package Delivery Solution simplifies your process by only focusing on the core needs of your business. Barcode labels are scanned and recorded in a mobile device and validated with the driver’s ID. If the package does not have a label, the solution supports a portable printer to create your own. Once the labels are scanned, the information is stored in the handheld device and wirelessly transmitted to the host computer. Location and recipient information is then determined prior to the delivery process. Proof of delivery information, including GPS coordinates, time/date stamp, and the recipient’s signature, is collected to complete the transaction loop and verify the sender’s intended party.

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