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RACO Barcode’s Home Meal Delivery Solution is an ideal mobile application for social service and hospitality organizations to optimize their existing meal delivery process. Specifically designed to automate the ordering process, the solution is a cost-effective means to ensure order accuracy and eliminate the need for driver paperwork. Regardless of your organization’s size, RACO Barcode’s Home Meal Delivery provides accountability for all of your home meal delivery applications including menu selection, special requirements, and order confirmation. The solution can also be configured for you unique needs or tailored to provide additional service offerings.

Home Meal Delivery Available On Android Devices


The quality and accuracy of information exchanged between your delivery personnel and operations management determines the efficiency of your home meal delivery process. By utilizing the latest in mobile technologies, RACO Barcode’s Home Meal Delivery allows your delivery process to be performed quicker and with a higher degree of accuracy while eliminating the time-consuming paperwork and data entry for the back-end process. This will free your mobile workers from repetitive tasks that drag down their productivity.


Increasing the amount of time with your clients can increase their satisfaction while boosting potential future sales. By eliminating virtually all paperwork, your drivers will be able to increase the amount of time with the customer and raise the number of deliveries that can be performed in a day. Delivery routes can also be optimized for speed and urgency to enhance the effectiveness of the process. Additionally, the reporting function will allow for analysis of the data which can be utilized to determine customer preferences to better develop your entire back-end operations.

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