Direct store delivery

RACO Barcode’s Direct Store Delivery Solution boosts your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to perform your invoicing, delivery, inventory, and ordering and settlement processes on the road or at your customer’s location with a mobile printer. Sales representatives equipped with mobile printers can verify and print invoices on-site, potentially cutting days out of your billing cycle. Best of all, RACO’s product and technology experts are here to craft the perfect unique solution based on your company’s specific needs and objectives.


Direct Store Delivery allows you to perform most every aspect of your delivery processes remotely and on-demand, including invoicing, delivery, inventory, ordering, and settlement. You can also upload or download route, instruction, or customer files remotely and securely. Whether your sales representatives are on-site or en route to a customer’s location, Direct Store Delivery enables them to make more stops and sales on their routes than ever before, raising their efficiency and productivity.


From conception all the way through integration into your workflow, our team of certified experts are here to guide you through every step toward attaining an ideal Direct Store Delivery solution tailored for your company’s specific needs and goals. We also offer printer and equipment maintenance and repair services over the entire lifecycle of your solution.

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