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Color Label Printing Provides Improved Efficiency and Brand Strength

Just In Time (JIT) color labeling is becoming more of a business necessity in a number of industries (such as pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical and retail), playing a more critical role within the supply chain and supplementing operations such as inventory flow, workplace safety, regulation, and product quality. Additionally, in-house color label printing helps companies to achieve greater brand recognition and allows for last-minute design changes without adding extra costs. Used effectively, color labeling can be an asset to help you grow your business, rather than a cost to be controlled.

While the increase in private label brands and product customization has driven the need for color label printing, significant advancements in printer technology have caused the total cost of ownership of color label printing to come down quickly. Now may be the perfect time for your company to switch to an in-house color label printing solution.

If you’re contemplating an in-house color label printing solution for your business, consider some of these facts and benefits:
  • Color labeling allows for more effective hazard communications on chemical products, strategic grouping of perishable or top-selling items, and standardized identification of product categories.
  • The use of in-house color label printing helps companies eliminate the two-step process of buying color labels in volume (produced on a large flexo press) and then running them through thermal printers to apply the variable black text data as needed.
  • Increased label design flexibility allows for the efficient and cost effective printing and testing of different label designs before going into production.
  • Allows for the ability to meet labeling requirement mandates/product changes.
  • The proliferation in the number of sku’s needed for lower volume products is driving demand for cost-effective JIT color labeling.
  • Color labels can be used to reduce errors in processes and procedures during production.
  • JIT Color Solution
    • Flexibility – quickly and easily adjust labeling based on design variations/customization.
    • On demand – print the number and types of labels needed right now – no more, no less.
    • Just in time – no requirement to pre-print and store huge label inventories or manage a tedious two-step printing process.
    • Efficient – change a product or process without sunk costs or wasted resources.

To put it simply, color label printing is one of our core specialties here at RACO. Whether you only need a limited number of labels, or if you are looking for an in-house solution that would allow you to print your own labels at will, RACO can supply all of the equipment, supplies, and expertise required for a professional label printing solution tailor-made to fit the specific needs of your company.

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RACO offers a variety of printer, label, and ribbon sizes and types to accommodate nearly any application. If you are not sure of the exact size, material, or adhesive needed for your labels, RACO’s experts will help design the perfect label for your company’s environment and objectives. Design software is also available, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your labels.


From conception to integration, our team of certified experts are here to guide you through every step toward attaining the ideal color label printing solution for your specific needs. We also offer printer maintenance and repair services over the entire lifecycle of your color label printing solution.

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