Aug 09, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
Western & Southern Open GPS Tracking

The Western & Southern Open, one of the largest and longest-running tennis events in the country, is turning to one it’s most valued vendors and partners, RACO Industries, to improve its player and media transportation system. RACO Card Solutions has been the official provider of on-demand ID Card printing for the event for years now.

This year, the shuttle service that transports players and their entourage from the hotel to the tournament venue and even to and from the airport will be monitored by RACO GPS Tracking.  This will improve event coordination, van scheduling, logistic dispatching, and the ability to make emergency stops & pickups.

“We’ve worked with RACO as the official credential provider for the event for many years,” said Kathy Strahle, Director of Finance & Credentials, Western & Southern Open. “We’ve been very pleased with their solutions and their service so we’re very comfortable choosing their GPS Tracking solution to create a smoother operation for our shuttle service.”

Each van will be equipped with a GPS tracker that can be monitored on RACO’s web-based platform.  As the van drives back and forth between the player hotel and tournament facility, tournament officials can monitor the vehicles on a web-based platform.  This gives tournament officials a real-time snapshot of where everyone is.

“We’re looking to eliminate confusion,” noted John McQuilkin, Transportation Chairperson for Western & Southern Open Tennis Tournament. “In the past, we would spend a lot of time calling our volunteer drivers, trying to raise them on radios, a lot of inefficient back and forth communication. Now we can just look on a screen and see where everybody is right away.”

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