Looking for a comprehensive list of definitions for many of the industry terms used on our site? Check out our Glossary for more information.

A device that electronically records the driver duty status and automatically transmits the duty logs to a fleet management provider.

This is a GPS record of when and where a particular tracked item or person has been over a selected period of time, essentially allowing you to view a history of their movements.

A term used to describe the capability of micro-controllers and devices within a vehicle to directly communicate with each other during certain applications, without the need for a host computer.

A record of how long a particular vehicle?s engine was running, even when idling or otherwise not moving.

A virtual perimeter set within the GPS tracking program for a real-world geographic area.

A system of satellites and receiving devices (i.e. GPS enabled cell phones) that compute locations on Earth. Designed to provide precise positional and velocity data and global time synchronization for air, sea, and land travel.

HOS is a process that tracks number of hours driven by a particular driver. Defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the purpose of the HOS is to reduce accidents caused by driver fatigue.

A virtual spot on a map that can be used to trigger alerts when tracked items are nearby.

A type of service in which wireless technology is integrated with global positioning services (GPS), providing multiple ways of managing mobile resources.

The ability to manage your field personnel more efficiently using wireless technology and devices.

A vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle sub-systems such as oil pressure, airbag system, and low tire pressure warning system.

A standard software utility used to test the stability of network connections. It is also used to describe how often a GPS device ?checks in?, allowing the user to view updated location data.