The success of your business often depends on your ability to make the best decisions, from finding a lost asset to determining a faster route or responding to an emergency call. No matter the size of your fleet or your workforce, RACO has a GPS solution tailored to help you make the most of your resources.


Every day, your vehicles are out on the road delivering products, transporting inventory, or making service calls. When they are slowed down by unforeseen obstacles like traffic, construction, and inclement weather, it can significantly affect productivity and cost you extra money. Whether you have two trucks or two hundred, adding GPS tracking to your fleet means you can combat these challenges by monitoring and adjusting their routes for full efficiency. And long-term benefits? You deliver more dependable service, create better work schedules, and make smarter, more profitable decisions.


From heavy-duty construction equipment to over-sized storage containers and carts, if you don’t have a system for tracking where they are – or when they are available – then you aren’t able to optimize their use. Using small, unobtrusive devices, our GPS tracking solution will help you manage your valuable machines and other equipment. We make it simple to organize all of your assets at a glance, from location to time commitment, so you can easily determine where and when to utilize them best.

Keep Track of Assets & Inventory Even When They Are On The Road


When you know where your employees are and what is on their plate, you know how to manage and direct them to their fullest and capitalize on their increased productivity. Real-time information about your employees helps them find the fastest route, make appointments on time, and work more productively for your business. When it comes to maximizing your workers’ schedules and capabilities, GPS tracking is the most transparent and efficient method for creating opportunities – and efficiency – for your workforce.

We have mobile apps to enable tracking on Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

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Five Questions To Consider Before Choosing A GPS Tracking System For Your Vehicles