No matter the size of your fleet or your workforce, RACO has a GPS solution tailored to help you make the most of your resources.  Staying connected with your mobile workforce is the key to maximizing efficiency and staying ahead of the competition. Fleet Tracking Services from RACO GPS Tracking provides you with a variety of plans and solutions for managing and keeping tabs on your fleet.

Asset Tracking

Using small, unobtrusive devices, our GPS tracking solution will help you manage your valuable machines and other equipment. We make it easy to organize all of your assets at a glance, from location to time commitment, so you can better determine where and when you can utilize them next.

Stop wasting time searching for lost stuff or money on replacement items. Make sure you never lose your company’s stuff again with RACO Interactive GPS Asset Tracking.

Asset Tracking Plans as Low as $9.95 a Month

Vehicle Tracking

Whether you have two trucks or two hundred, adding GPS tracking to your fleet means you can combat these challenges by monitoring and adjusting their routes for full efficiency. And long-term benefits? You deliver more dependable service, create better work schedules, and make smarter, more profitable decisions.

Service Plans To Meet Your Fleet's Needs

Mobile Workforce

GPS tracking is the most transparent and efficient method for creating opportunities – and efficiency – for your workforce.

We have mobile apps to enable tracking on Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

Five Questions To Consider Before Choosing A GPS Tracking System For Your Vehicles

Garmin Integration

Keep your drivers on track with the most popular GPS navigation manufacturer in the business. Whether it’s multiple stops a day in your city or one long trip across the country, RACO Interactive’s GPS Tracking solution will allow you to run your business while keeping an eye on your mobile workers. The Dispatch Module will allow for turn-by-turn-directions, in-vehicle messaging, route creation and assignment.

RACO GPS Tracking Recommended Devices

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Regardless if you are tracking vehicles, assets, people or all of the above, you can monitor each type within the same platform.

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