Sep 09, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers

One of our food manufacturer customers commissioned us to implement a Yard Management System in order to reduce Truck Detention Charges being incurred from their freight carriers. Due to a transportation industry shortage of drivers, freight carriers were increasing their detention charges, which impacted the company’s operation margins. They implemented Yard Director Yard Management System (YMS) and realized that they had additional operating inefficiencies:

  • Inability to identify trucks on premise for deliveries and pick-ups.
  • Inaccurate Trailer Inventories.
  • Insecure Plant Visitation and Tracking.
  • Poor Trailer Temperature Checking procedures.
  • Poor Trailer Fuel Checking procedures.
  • Poor Trailer Maintenance Management procedures.
  • Poor Shipping Dock Scheduling.
  • Poor Receiving Dock Scheduling.
  • Lack of Compliance with current and future Food Processing Plant Security Regulations.

As a result of implementing Yard Director, the company dramatically improved plant operations in regard to Plant Security, Shipping, Receiving, Trailer Inventory Management and Carrier Management. Examples of the plant operational improvements are:

  • 0 Trailer loads lost due to Trailers exceeding required storage temperatures.
  • Reduction in fuel usage for Trailer movements.
  • Improved Scheduling for Receiving.
  • Improved Scheduling for Shipping.
  • Overall Reduction in Detention Costs.
  • Plant Staff Reduction due to optimization of plant activities.

Overall, our customer achieved a realized ROI on the project within 9 months from the implementation of the system. One additional benefit of the Yard Director System was the education of the Plant Operation Team on how interdependent their respective processes are and how they impact the profitability of the company.  Here’s a video to show how this solution could work for your company.

For more information Yard Director Yard Management System or YMS in general, contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.