Keep your drivers on track with the most popular GPS navigation manufacturer in the business. Whether it’s multiple stops a day in your city or one long trip across the country, RACO’s GPS Tracking solution will allow you to run your business while keeping an eye on your mobile workers. The Dispatch Module will allow for turn-by-turn-directions, in-vehicle messaging, route creation and assignment.


Founded in 1989, Garmin is a pioneer in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of GPS equipment.  The company has built and sold millions of GPS products that serve the automotive, aviation, marine, consumer, wireless, OEM, and general recreation markets.



  • Safely communicate with drivers in real-time
  • Turn-by-turn directions sent to your drivers at the push of a button
  • Accurately provides an overview of your fleet’s current activity on a single screen
  • Help reduce driver distraction with audio directional cues
  • Optimize routing to serve customers better
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Get the most out of your workers by planning their daily itineraries
  • Create routes with multiple stops
  • Tracks vehicle usage & schedule maintenance reminders
  • Create routing & driving directions via integration with Garmin
  • Allow you manage your fleet via your smartphone or tablet
  • Instantly update routes
  • Live two-way messaging between drivers & dispatch
  • Assign new stops to the closest driver
  • Accurate trip ETA