Jul 13, 2012 / Written by Woody Myers

Sometimes it’s hard to see concrete examples of how a change in the way you do business can benefit your bottom line.  But one of our clients had very specific events happen where he was able to save money and control his drivers’ behavior in the first week.

One of our client’s drivers came to him the first week our Fleet Tracking Service was installed asking for overtime.  The employee stated he hadn’t had enough time to make all of his deliveries and would need overtime approved to complete his tasks.  Before approving, our client checked out this driver’s activities on the Fleet Tracking Service.  Good thing he did.  It turns out that this driver’s vehicle had been idle for the majority of the day.

Almost immediately, our client received a real-time email alert informing him that another of his drivers was speeding down the highway.  Obviously, the image of one of his trucks barreling down the highway with their logo whizzing through traffic didn’t sit well with our client.

First thing Monday morning, he sat down his drivers and explained that these types of activities were no longer acceptable. Needless to say, driver behavior has been exemplorary since then.

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