May 01, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

For a professional appearance when tagging your clothing, jewelry and luxury items use the Towa Tagtach Tag Attacher Gun which uses thread instead of plastic loops. You can tag an article of clothing or jewelry with a specifically designed double-loop thread which attaches the tag by using the Towa TT6-H Attacher Gun allowing up to 500 tags per thread bobbin.

Thread tagging is used for hanging tags and piercing made popular by clothing boutiques, clothing manufacturers, jewelry stores, luxury goods suppliers, etc. The Tagtach TT6 fastener eliminates the labor cost compared with the time consuming handwork of traditional plastic loop tagging.

Six colors of thread are available including white, black, brown, green, gray and red.  For more information, contact a RACO Product Specialist at 800-446-1991.