Mar 31, 2014 / Written by Woody Myers

QB30 Scanning @d Barcodes On Moving ObjectsDENSO has a variety of scanners for manufacturing like the DENSO QB30 Scanner which can scan moving objects such as products or containers in a manufacturing line or medical inspection process, etc. Scanners for industry-leading scanning of barcodes with touch reading  or distance reading up to 450mm like the DENSO BHT-300Q 2D Scanner.

DENSO has terminals which are solves problems for both managers and field workers such as the DENSO BHT-1300B and DENSO BHT-1300Q terminals which can be used even with rubber gloves on! The DENSO AT20Q Series Scanners (AT20Q, AT21Q, AT25Q and AT26Q) is a hybrid scanner which can scan both barcodes and QR codes with high-speed scanning. Along with scanners and terminals there is DENSO QRdraw Ad and DENSO QRmaker AD software to you to code your own QR codes, barcodes and 2D codes easily on a PC.

Contact a RACO barcode specialist today at 1-800-446-1991 with help in choosing which DENSO product is the right fit for your business.