Aug 15, 2016 / Written by Woody Myers

Premium Water Bottle Labelshoo-water-bottle-CapturePremium Water Bottle Labels

Water bottle labels can be printed on a variety of materials, from inexpensive gloss paper to high-end films.  For a durable water bottle, a BOPP material topped with a water bottle varnish could be a good solution.  This configuration is a little more expensive than a paper label, but it produces beautiful labels that will stand up for several days in a messy, wet cooler.  No one wants labels that fall off or bleed ink.

Economy Water Bottle Labels

If you’re concerned with cost, the paper labels like the example on the right may fit the bill.  Lamination gives the paper and ink protection, and they look great on the shelf.  Just beware: these labels cannot stand up to submersion in water or ice.  For labels that stick, even in a wet cooler, go with the Premium Water Bottle Labels.  But if price trumps durability, the Economy Water Bottle Labels should work for you.

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