Aug 30, 2016 / Written by Woody Myers
Craft Beer Bottles In Need Of Labels

Craft Beer Bottle LabelsCraft Beer Bottle Labels – MetallicCraft Beer Bottle Labels

Growth in the craft beer market means there’s heavy competition for consumer dollars. And before a consumer tastes a beer, they check out the label. That’s why our experts recommend a craft beer label printed on a custom stock that looks and feels like textured paper. This magic stock holds up to a weekend in the cooler, not bleeding ink or breaking down like standard paper.  For a craft beer label, you may want the one on the left.

Craft Beer Bottle Labels – Metallic

You can get a high-end, foil look by choosing a shiny silver substrate.  These labels really pop thanks to the metalized stock that shines through the entire label, slightly changing the ink colors that are printed on top of it. And where the inks are knocked out, the metallic material takes on the appearance of a foil.

The result?  A seriously high-end label that stands out on shelves and holds up in coolers. These labels cost a little more, but they are worth every cent.

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