First of all, we want to say thank you so much for helping us put your case study together. We would love to be able to show different environments and applications that RACO products & solutions can be used to help improve efficiencies or enhance customer service.

We have a few questions that would be helpful in putting together a short application case study. These will help give us a brief overview of how the products are being used.

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What problems did you face that made you consider RACO?

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How was it working with RACO? (Both during the transition and after the product/solution was implemented)

Please list below a quote you would be comfortable sharing publicly regarding your experience working with RACO.

After we receive this questionnaire, we will do a brief write-up and then send it back to you to verify the accuracy of it and get approval to post the case study.
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Thank you again for your help,
Woody Myers
Marketing Coordinator