Why Choose a Career at RACO?

At RACO Industries, we promote a work environment that is both team-oriented and respectful of your individuality. Our continued success is dependent upon all RACO team members combining their individual talents and unique personalities to work toward our common goals: providing excellent service, building long-lasting relationships with our customers, and maintaining our position as an industry-leading organization.

Location and Facilities

Conveniently located in the center of the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky region we offer an easy commute and free parking. We recently moved into to a newly renovated space for our employees to enjoy! Our onsite Café and outdoor eating area provides a relaxing space for employees to use during their breaks or lunch hour. We provide free lunch and healthy snack options on a daily basis.

Wellness is an important priority for us. We have an onsite, air-conditioned fitness room for employee use before or after work or during breaks. Monthly one-to-one access to our onsite wellness coach is included in our benefits package. Our Good Life Committee meets regularly to bring fresh ideas to the table to preserve this positive atmosphere.

To succeed in a growth environment we’re looking for energetic, inspired team members who thrive on challenge and confident in their skill mastery. Our work environment is relaxed, yet professional and warm. We promote an open sharing of ideas, collaboration, and recognition of strong performance.


The RACO Way

raco way icons

We are passionate about our work environment. The health of our organization’s culture allows us to provide a superior customer experience that translates into success for our business. Our company is a living, breathing organism with a distinct personality. We express this personality through the core values which define our culture. Each new addition to our team will live and breathe these values which we call The RACO Way.

  • What’s Next?
  • Every Interaction is an Opportunity
  • We Got This

“What’s Next…” is the question we keep asking. It describes the feeling of anticipation we share as something new and exciting is about to happen. It’s about imagining the future, always improving. We are inspired, idealistic and entrepreneurial. If we don’t step forward, we’ll always be in the same place. There are no bystanders at RACO.

“Every Interaction is an Opportunity” is about how we treat others. It applies to anyone or anything: customers, vendors, co-workers, people we meet, what we read. We use it to identify our next loyal customer, our next great employee, or our next innovation. We’re all sales people. We’re all recruiters. We’re all learning. It requires awareness, showing respect and the ability to build trust.

“We Got This” means we get the work done. We take ownership. No passing it off and no excuses. It defines our work ethic. Resilient and resourceful, we will find a solution and make it happen. “We Got This” captures our casual, unpretentious, humble personality. A little quirky, but very human and very RACO.

The RACO Way collectively represents a set of beliefs that act as the glue holding us together as we grow, evolve, and adapt to competitive challenges.  We express our personality through The RACO Way which defines our culture.

Do you connect with The RACO Way? If so, read on.

Is RACO right for you?

Our mission is to help our customers to work smarter and more efficiently when it comes to managing the challenges of their business, providing data management solutions such as barcoding technology, ID cards, security access, GPS tracking, and field mobility. The knowledgeable and experienced team members at RACO are passionate, goal-oriented, and responsible for continuous improvement to the processes and systems that have allowed us to function at our peak potential for nearly three decades. We believe that each new team member brings something unique to the table, raising the bar of our potential with every new hire. Being leaders in all that we do, we also understand the importance of achieving the balance between recognizing the responsibility of each individual team member in making RACO flourish, and fostering an environment where all employees achieve parity between their work and personal lives.



See what the RACO team has to say about the work they do each day:


“At RACO, we welcome new faces and look forward to learning from the past experiences of our new hires to make our company better for our future.”

— Amy Reddy, GM & VP Business Operations

“I believe that a sale is not something you pursue; it’s what happens to you while you are immersed in serving your customer.”

— Tonya Donaldson, Sr. Account Manager

“I love working for RACO because we are a team. Not simply because we work together, but because we respect, trust, and care for each other. Our customer service team has a leader — not a boss — who inspires enthusiasm and recognizes that each person is valuable and unique. She builds us up because leadership is action, not position!”

— Jennifer Wilson, Customer Service Representative

“One thing about RACO is I’ve never dreaded coming to work. Every day is different: new problems to solve, new people to help. Not many people love their job, but I’m one of the lucky few.”

— David See, Sr. Account Manager

“Since joining the team at RACO Card Solutions in 2009, I have discovered why we are so successful. At RACO Card Solutions, we don’t just move boxes. We are customer-focused and driven to know more about Identification and Credentialing than anyone in the market. We also work closely with our clients to find solutions to meet their unique credentialing needs.”

— Luke Spencer, Sales

“‘Extraordinary Excellence’ is our mission. Our team is our strength, and we’re determined to GROW!”

— Lynette Williams, Customer Management