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RACO Barcode’s Campus Package Delivery is an ideal software application for companies looking to coordinate and account for internal package and mail deliveries. Specifically designed for an organization’s internal receipt and delivery process, the solution is a simple, efficient and cost effective means to ensure your parcels are received by the correct individual. Perfect for receiving departments in a variety of different businesses, Campus Package Delivery provides accountability for all packages once they are received from a carrier.

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Delivery companies only track a package to the point of when it is received by the organization. Their work is done before the package is in the hands of the individual who needs it, and it is during this gap in the process that the delivery is most likely to be misplaced or delayed. By utilizing the latest in mobile technologies, RACO Campus Package Delivery allows your receipt/delivery process to track and deliver the package, capture the recipient’s signature, and verify that the shipment was delivered to the correct individual. By combining real-time receipt and delivery information, your personnel will be able to provide accurate information about the current state of your package while increasing their efficiency.


Providing visibility of the package tracking process and documenting delivery information is core to an efficient internal delivery system. Through the utilization of the latest in data collection technology, RACO Campus Package Delivery allows a user the ability to improve internal services by offering complete visibility of your receipt and delivery process. By combining package scanning, signature capture, and location information through a portable device, the solution enables instant information exchanges between a receiving department and the recipient. For carrier accountability, the solution allows for the capture and recording of images of the package in case it is damaged prior to receipt.

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