Aug 25, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers

All mobility, scanning and printing products purchased from RACO are eligible for a service contract. Here are six good reasons to take us up on the offer:

Insurance Against The Unknown
Any investment worth the thousands of dollars spent to acquire it is worth some type of long-term protection. On every major investment made by individuals or businesses, it is commonplace to take out some type of coverage protecting it from unforeseeable accidents or even the possibility of near-future obsolescence. This should be no different.

Fixed Costs = No Unforeseen Increases
Fixed costs paid in advance are always less expensive than those paid at the time of a breakdown, softening the financial hit that your business may incur down the road as a result. It is far better to know the next three to five years’ service costs in advance than it is rely on good luck in a bad situation.

Reduce Administration Time & Cost
When you consider how many people and steps are required to successfully manage multiple requests for preventative maintenance, breakdowns, and upgrades — on top of all of the necessary requests to the purchasing department for each repair — it becomes clear that maintaining your own system is an incredibly demanding and costly process, especially when compared to typical service track numbers (referred to as RMA numbers in many cases) and a dedicated service tracking network.

Making a onetime payment for a Service Contract at the time of sale means avoiding the mess completely, saving countless amounts of money and time.

Make Yourself a Higher Priority
Warranty and time & material work is done at a much lower priority than work performed under a Service Contract. While the typical Warranty guarantees a 10-day in-house turnaround time without any risk of penalty if the timeframe is not met, most Service Contracts include a three to five-day in-house turnaround time, with rebates offered if timeframes are not obtained, substantially mitigating your financial risk.

Eliminate Excessive Spare Devices
Since having a Service Contract will result in a smoother, quicker repair window, you are therefore able to reduce the amount of spare units required to keep the business running.

The Added Cost of an In-House Repair Service
Aside from the inherent up-front costs, purchasing and tracking an inventory of spare parts that may not ever be used contains hidden expenses you might not have considered. Assuming the parts you need are even available to begin with, they will most likely need to be purchased at list price. To add to the complication, unavailable parts will need to be supplanted with used parts of much lower quality and lifespan, serving to merely delay the inevitable rather than properly fix the problem.

Finally, you also need to consider the cost of certification. In today’s age, where technology changes faster and with more complexity than any other time in history, the need to keep your repair staff up-to-date is constant and expensive, and will only get more so as time moves forward. The money is much better spent on a Service Contract that will eliminate these challenges entirely.

To learn more, call our Toll-free Service Hotline at 1-800-218-5417 or email to get in touch with one of our factory-trained technicians.

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