RACO’s professional services combine years of experience in mobile data collection and wireless technologies to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions designed for your unique business objectives, leading to increased productivity, enhanced customer experience, and a boost to your bottom line.

Our process is designed from the very outset to be a clear-cut, effective means of discovery, assessment, and deliverables.

We begin with a Mobile Data Collection Assessment — a formalized method of documentation intended to involve the client in all aspects of the project. At this stage, we determine the objectives of the project, the exact hardware and system requirements to fulfill those objectives, and any business process constraints to configure the roadmap for the optimal mobility solution.

Once this information is collected and assessed, a preliminary quotation is prepared. This will normally include estimated costs of hardware, software, and professional services needed to provide a complete mobility solution. Upon acceptance of the preliminary quotation, the RACO Project Manager will prepare the scope of work, determine vendor options, and schedule the required technical resources within the agreed-upon parameters.

Before your equipment is sent to you, we make sure that it is in working order and can perform its required duties from the moment you remove it from the box.

The first step is a process called “provisioning,” which involves preparing your devices with new software and services that are not normally installed by the manufacturer. This includes ensuring that the device has the right operating system, custom device settings, installation and configuration of new software, and registration on the network of your preferred mobile data carrier if needed. We will then ensure that the device functions properly, charge the battery, and provide quality assurance documentation. This process ensures that the device will be fully capable of all of things you need it to do as soon as you receive it.

Once your devices are properly provisioned, we can prepare them for shipment through our “kitting” and “staging” processes. “Kitting” involves bundling multiple associated products into a single shipment, including any special cables or accessories needed to carry out its intended application. Special packaging, labeling, and freight considerations are often included in the process to provide a reliable and cost-effective shipment. Then, through the “staging” process, we can divide up multiple product purchases and send what you need to exactly where you need it, and when. This step effectively saves you the trouble of distributing your new equipment to multiple locations at different times.


Each of RACO’s mobility projects is managed by a Project Manager with special communication and problem solving skills that have been developed and honed over years of experience with mobility implementations.

The Project Manager holds the critical responsibility of delivering a complete solution on time and in scope, based on your pre-defined requirements. Your experience with your Project Manager begins in the initial scoping of a project and ends after your solution is implemented in accordance with your expectations.

All of the mobility solutions tasks, communication, and documentation are managed by one individual to ensure exact transfer of information. Additionally, our Project Manager works with our Solutions Architect and our internal team of engineers and developers to define and deliver the best solution for your mobility needs.


RACO has installed wireless LANs all over the US based on the specific needs of our clients. From small retail operations to large warehouse facilities or campus-wide environments, we deliver on the promise of providing a functional RF installation on time and within budget.

Getting the optimal performance from your wireless network begins with properly identifying and defining your business needs. RACO’s expert wireless engineers will conduct an on-site or remote RF Site Survey utilizing the industry’s most advanced wireless LAN tools so that whether your existing wireless LAN is in need of a refresh, or if you are considering a new wireless infrastructure altogether, your investment potential will be fully realized. We also provide detailed documentation of your environment to ensure your facility is optimally covered prior to the installation process.

The rapid evolution of wireless technology in recent years has provided users with faster and better access to information than ever before, and RACO has made considerable investments in resources to stay up-to-date at every step. Our wireless engineers — all of whom are trained on the latest equipment from industry-leading manufacturers — utilize the site survey information to design the most effective possible solution for your wireless LAN and budget requirements. From optimally positioning access points and configuring your switches, to the installation of any necessary cables, printers, or mobile computing equipment, you can be assured that your wireless LAN investment will function optimally in your environment.


Here at RACO, our specialists are enthusiastic about imparting some of their expertise to you, both during and after the process of crafting your RACO business solution. Once we have finished equipping you with the products, software, tools, and infrastructure that you will need to get the most out of your new solution, we also go through great strides to empower you with the knowledge and skills to independently diagnose and fix basic issues, should they ever arise.

To that end, we offer on-site training for our customers that ensures that you will be fully aware of the nuanced in’s and out’s of your new equipment and software. We also offer training on basic maintenance for your wireless infrastructure, giving you the ability to quickly get back on your feet in the event of any inopportune connectivity issues.

Of course, we also understand that issues may arise which require professional assistance. That is why we also provide you with all of the information you will need to reach out to RACO’s expert technicians and customer service representatives, all of whom strive to keep your downtime down and your productivity up.

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