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Compact PDF417 is also known as

  • Compact Portable Data File 417
  • Compact PDF 417
  • PDF417 Truncated

Compact PDF417 Overview

Compact PDF417, or Compact Portable Data File 417, has the same features as PDF417 standard. However, Compact PDF417 may be used where space considerations are a primary concern and symbol damage is unlikely. In an environment where label damage is unlikely (e.g. an office), the right row indicators, that PDF417 Symbols feature, may be omitted and the stop pattern may be reduced to one module width bar. This procedure reduces the non-data overhead from 4 codewords per row to 2 codewords per row, with some trade-off in decode performance and robustness, or the ability to withstand noise, damage, degradation, dust etc. This overhead reduction version is called Compact PDF417, which is fully decoder compatible with standard PDF417. NOTE: In the original AIM USA (1994) and AIM Europe (1994) PDF417 specifications, the term Truncated PDF417 has been used in a technically synonymous manner. The name Compact PDF417 is preferred to avoid confusion with the more general use of the term ‘truncated’.