Apr 07, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
Zebra Technologies Downtime

Potential impact on orders, shipments, repairs and price requests due to Zebra Operational Downtime

We value our relationship with our customers and want to make sure you’re aware of the potential impact this may have on you. The following information is critical to help you prepare for the upcoming operational and system downtime at Zebra.

Zebra has announced a planned downtime period to integrate their business systems onto one central platform, April 20th through April 30th.

System & Operational Downtime

  • A significant portion of Zebra systems and operations will be unavailable starting at on April 20th and will resume business as usual on May 1st, 2017, unless otherwise noted.
  • During this time, Zebra will not be able to book or ship hardware orders, repair orders, new service contracts, or service contract renewals.

Ordering Guidelines for April Shipments

  • We strongly recommend that you place your Zebra orders with RACO as soon as possible for requested ship dates between now through April 20th, 2017. We must specify shipment dates clearly with them.
  • Be sure to specify the requested shipment dates to us, especially if you require shipment from Zebra before April 20th. Failure to do so may cause the shipment to arrive earlier than anticipated or after May 1st. We shall happily work with you and your teams to re-arrange shipment dates due between these dates.
  • Orders received with a requested shipment dates of April 20th – April 30th will ship after May 1st and we will have no control over the date of shipment nor have any ability to expedite these on your behalf.
  • Please be aware, Zebra will not guarantee April shipment dates on any order we place after the 10th of March.

Limited or No Impact services

  • Requests for repairs will continue to be accepted up to April 27th and shall resume at the start of business on May 1st
  • We will continue to be available; however, requests may not be processed until after May 1st.
  • Please submit any RMA’s by the April 13th due date so that we can help Zebra process these before the shutdown.
  • Any stock we hold in our warehouse will not be affected and will be shipped as normal.  However, during this time we cannot place any new Zebra orders and shipment from Zebra will not be possible. If an order is placed for an item we don’t have in stock, we won’t be able to order it from Zebra until May 1st.

To place your Zebra orders, request information or submit your RMA requests, please contact us at 800-446-1991 or email info@racoindustries.com.