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Keeping track of employees — both temporary and long-term — can be costly, especially when their time and attendance records are being collected manually, or if you’ve struggled with validating invoices from third-party contractors in the past. RACO Card’s Time and Attendance solution allows your company to wirelessly collect employee clock-in and clock-out information and eliminate errors that go along with manual auditing of time cards, enabling efficient employee time collection and verification while eliminating safety and security issues.


The RACO Card Time & Attendance solution combines smart card technology with a variety of Internet-enabled card readers and wall terminals, utilizing an employee list stored in your company’s servers to quickly and accurately capture and record personnel clock-in and clock-out information, including employee ID, type of punch (“In” or “Out”), date and time stamp, and more.


Whether you are managing a staff of dozens or thousands, our team of experts are fully prepared to provide just the right hardware, software, and integration techniques required to make your solution work exactly as you need it to. Even the software used in the Time and Attendance solution can be specially configured to match your exact needs, rather than requiring you to alter your current workflow.

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