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A technology card provides not only employee identification, but also ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed access into secure areas and computer systems, protecting the vital personal information contained within. With today’s security concerns heightening the already vital importance of secure access, RACO Card is ready to assist you with all aspects of your technology card program, from the design of your card to the best methods of printing, production, and integration.

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The wide variety of available security features means that RACO’s technology credentials can be easily integrated into your current systems architecture. These features range from simple employee photos, to signature and fingerprint bar codes, magnetic stripe, and smart card technology, each used to securely encode information about the individual — including name, employee number, department, security access level, and date and time of access, among others. Smart cards can also be used for offline identity verification when no access to a system or remote database is possible. See below for the technology cards offered by RACO Card.


Proximity Cards

Proximity cards, also known as prox cards, are low frequency 125 kHz credentials that feature an embedded antenna coil that stores cardholder data. Card types include cards, key tags, adhesive tags, wrist bands and more. Prox cards are available from many different manufacturers including HID, Allegion, Xceed, AWID, Indala, Honeywell, Casi-Rusco, Kerri System and more.


Contactless Cards

Contactless smart cards feature 13.56 MHz read/write contactless high-speed communication. Contactless cards provide more security than prox cards by encrypting the data that is stored on the card. There are many different brands of contactless cards including HID’s iClass, iClass SR & SE, HID SEOS, MIFARE or DESFIRE.




At RACO Card, we pride ourselves in offering leading products and services to meet the specific needs of your business. From the initial planning stages, all the way through implementation and ongoing support and training for the entire life-cycle of your solution, RACO Card’s expertise will ensure that your card program will grow alongside you and your business.

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