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Farming the land is challenging enough. But when you add the business aspect of managing and paying hundreds of seasonal workers to the mix, it adds another level of difficulty to an already complicated process. RACO Barcode’s Pick & Pay Management Solution is an ideal software application for produce growers to manage and account for their harvest. Purposely created for produce growers picking and time-recording processes, the solution is a simple and cost effective means to ensure your harvest yield is accurately determined. The solution can also be configured for your unique needs and customized to provide additional customer service offerings.

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Providing visibility of the produce picking process and documenting worker time and yield is core to an efficient mobile picking process. Through the utilization of the latest in data collection technology, RACO Barcode’s Pick & Pay Management Solution allows a user to improve productivity by offering complete visibility of your produce picking process. By combining worker ID badge scanning, signature capture, and location information through a portable device, the solution enables instant information exchanges between the grower and workforce.


For worker accountability and payroll, the solution allows for the capture and recording of time worked, produce picked, location, and yield. With RACO Barcode’s Pick & Pay Management Solution, you will know exactly how long your workers were on the job, when they were there, and how much they produced.

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