Field mobility service truck driver

RACO Barcode offers wireless field mobility solutions designed to enhance productivity and efficiency of the mobile workforce both inside and outside the walls of your organization. Using a combination of mobile computers, wireless infrastructure, and configurable software, our mobility solutions provide real-time visibility of mobile information, field process automation, and reliable data capture at the point of service, leading to faster response times, reductions in travel costs, and elimination of paperwork.


RACO Barcode’s mobility solutions streamline your workflow and heighten customer satisfaction by utilizing barcode and RFID technologies in mobile computers and printers to automate field processes, improve inventory management, reduce paperwork, and capture data or signatures. Sales teams can use field mobility to input orders on the spot, ensuring accuracy of customer information and streamlining of your billing process. This can reduce order processing times down to mere minutes, leading to better customer service.


Whether you are managing a staff of a few or of a few dozen, our team of experts is fully prepared to provide just the right hardware, software, and integration techniques required to make your solution work exactly as you need it to. Even the software used in our Field Mobility solutions can be specially configured to match your exact needs, rather than requiring you to alter your current workflow. We also offer mobile computer and printer maintenance and repair services over the entire lifecycle of your mobility solution.

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