Dispatch professional remotely communicating with field service employees

RACO GPS’s Dispatch solutions use a combination of GPS location-tracking technology, mobile computers, and a rugged wireless infrastructure to enable real-time management of your field workers, giving you more in-depth visibility into every aspect of your supply chain or transportation routes. By equipping yourself with greater knowledge about the location and status of your mobile workforce, you can redirect them as needed to respond on the fly to spontaneous customer requests, make emergency stops or deliveries, and optimize transportation and delivery routes, leading to overall speedier service and greater levels of customer satisfaction.

'Do I need to install the tracking device in my vehicle?'


RACO GPS’s Dispatch solutions open up new lines of continuous communication between field employees and in-house staff, bringing a new level of ease and efficiency into the day-to-day workflow of your mobile workforce. With the ability to track the location and status of your mobile computer-equipped drivers and employees in the field, you are able to coordinate and optimize transportation and delivery routes on the fly, respond to emergencies in real-time, speed up and increase deliveries and pickups per day, and quickly transmit delivery and pickup verification information, ultimately reducing paperwork and cutting costs — heightening productivity and efficiency in the process.


From initial planning stages all the way through integration into your workflow, our team of certified experts are here to guide you through every step toward attaining the ideal GPS Dispatch solution for your specific needs. Beyond that point, we also offer maintenance and support services for your equipment and wireless infrastructure over the entire lifecycle of your solution.

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