Oct 12, 2016 / Written by Woody Myers

How dated is your TEKLYNX software?

Today, the product support life cycle for LABEL MATRIX 2014, LABELVIEW 2014, and CODESOFT 2014 will be laid to rest, meaning technical support for these versions will expire* which could put your business at risk.

Upgrade to the latest TEKLYNX 2015 label design solution to ensure your business labeling environment continues running smoothly.

Considerations to ensure you are labeling smart and efficiently:

  • Do you have a subscription license or active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)?
    • As version 2014 is now unsupported, users without a subscription license or SMA will not have access to technical support. Upgrade to version 2015 with either a subscription license or SMA so you can remain supported now and in the future.
  • Are  you upgrading to Windows 10?
    • TEKLYNX version 2015 is the only version fully tested and supported on Windows 10. Customers using version 2014 or older and upgrading to Windows 10 will also need to upgrade your TEKLYNX label design software.
  • Are you labeling on outdated or unreliable workstations at risk of crashing?  
    • Users that experience a hardware failure and do not have a subscription license or active SMA will have to purchase a new software license. Purchase version 2015 as a subscription license or add an SMA to ensure support and free version upgrades.

Technology is constantly evolving to better serve the needs of businesses, and TEKLYNX software solutions are no different. Contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991 to make sure you’re not out of date.

*With a TEKLYNX Subscription License or active SMA, your label design software product will be supported regardless of what version it is, or if it is within the support phase.