Jan 16, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
ZPL/EPL Emulations from GoDEX

GoDEX recognizes that even if you’re one of their customers now, you may not have always chosen the GoDEX brand for your barcode printing and creating needs. However, if you’ve purchased barcode printers or other products that are not from the GoDEX line, you can still use create labels using GoDEX equipment! GoDEX products provide compatibility printer languages for Eltron® printers (EPL) and for Zebra® printers (ZPL).

Whatever brand you’re using for making barcodes, GoDEX products can be integrated easily! GoDEX’s printer programming language is called GZPL. This powerful program that drives every GoDEX barcode creator can also be used in applications with Eltron® or Zebra® printers already installed. In these cases, or in cases where the application is hard-coded with either Eltron® or Zebra® programming languages, GoDEX EPL and ZPL programming languages are used to smoothly integrate all of the devices involved.

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GoDEX ZPL and EPL emulations ensure compatibility in applications using more than one brand without the user having to modify the program and are free and easy to install with a downloaded firmware tool. Because of the dedication of the GoDEX software development team, GoDEX’s programming language stands strong on its own but is still a viable solution for barcode printing solutions with other brands. GoDEX users also have access to plug-n-play with any application that is running EPL 2® and ZPL II®.

In addition, GoDEX products feature official Seagull drivers that are configured to support all GoDEX printer languages, so you have the flexibility to do your application your own way with a variety of products. With ZPL and EPL emulations from GoDEX, you’ll never have to worry if your equipment matches up or if a job can or can’t be done—with GoDEX, it can!

Whatever your barcoding or wireless printing needs may be, GoDEX carries the product to meet and exceed those needs for printing barcodes. Questions about this technology or about your own barcode printing kit? Call a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991 for more details.