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A unique polymer system which can be a very effective release coating, or pressure-sensitive adhesive capable of functioning effectively at extreme temperatures.

An Induced property of a film which enable it to grab onto a smooth clean surface without using a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Static Cling is a phrase applied to grabbing by electrical static.

A label attached to a product without the use of an adhesive.

A pressure-sensitive construction made of materials which will partially destruct upon removal, indicating that a package, label or container has been tampered with.

A physical surface coating, applied to promote or increase ink adhesion with conventional and digital print technologies, or to modify gloss.

The ability of any material or ink to withstand extended exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light without degradation, discoloring, fading, or discoloration.

A thin, liquid protective coating, either matter or glossy, that is applied to the product. It adds protection and enhances the appearance of the product. It can be applied as an all over coating or it can be applied as a spot coating.

A film that is highly durable and resistant to chemicals and moisture. It is high in conformability excellent for outdoor use.

The ability of a label to withstand the effects of outdoor weathering, sunlight, heat, cold, humidity, rain, snow, and time.