Why pay for wireless data that you don?t use? Providing enterprise data at wholesale prices, RACO Wireless Data Services is the single-source solution for wireless products and services for organizations looking to improve flexibility and reduce costs without sacrificing quality of service.


By offering enterprise data services at wholesale rates, RACO allows you to purchase only what you need based on your application?s requirements, reducing your current data fees by as much as 75% per year while offering greater flexibility for your mobile users.

This may sound too good to be true, but it is actually quite simple. With most companies, you will receive a retail rate plan from a carrier that includes a large bucket of data that you must pay for even if most of it goes unused. On the surface, the price per MB of data with these plans can appear to be inexpensive ? particularly if it is an unlimited data plan ? but compared to what you actually use, the cost per MB is very high in most cases. At RACO, we match wholesale data rates with only the amount of data you need for your application, resulting in substantial savings.


Most companies understand the mobility hardware, the software application, or the wireless data network, but not all three. Our knowledgeable and experienced systems engineers are trained on industrial mobile computing products as well as the wireless data network. Additionally, RACO is a leading provider of mobile application solutions for business users. Working with trained professionals that understand the complete system results in quicker problem resolution and heightened productivity for your field representatives.