Feb 22, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
Add Color To Your Barcode Labels

Prevent Wasted Label Stock and Preserve Your Budget

Color labeling can enable compliance with regulations such as GHS, reinforce brand identity, provide traceability, promote safety, and increase operational efficiency through consistent marking. Many companies are adding color to their labels by using pre-printed color label stock.

A recent survey by VDC Research* revealed that 9.3% of pre-printed color label stock is wasted, equating to about $12,000 in budget. As such, many companies are turning to on-demand color label hardware and consumables, indicating they expect to grow their installed base of color label printers by as much as 31% in 2017!

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TEKLYNX label designer CODESOFT 2015 provides full color labeling capabilities and is compatible with color label printers such as Epson ColorWorks. Download a free 30-day trial!

Using on-demand labeling technology can reduce total labeling costs by up to 50% by eliminating inventory of pre-printed label stock and waste**. On-demand labeling allows designers to create a single file that utilizes variable images and ensures your designs contain the most current, accurate data. Try it out for yourself with CODESOFT 2015.

For more information on TEKLYNX software, call a label expert at 1-800-446-1991.

*VDC Research Executive Brief: Industrial Color Label Printing Solutions
**Business Wire: Epson On-Demand Color Labeling Technology