At RACO, we do not believe in “one-size fits all” solutions.

Instead, we take our commitment to Extraordinary Excellence to the next level by lending you our expertise to craft a solution that is just as unique as you and your business. Our pledge to our customers is to provide the full package for all of your barcoding, card, and GPS needs.

From device configuration to network provisioning, equipment staging, kit delivery, solution implementation, and ongoing support, we make sure that every link in the chain is forged specially for you. With RACO, you can rest assured that you will not only receive the right devices for the job, but that they will go exactly where you need them to go and do exactly what you need them to do, right out of the box.

RACO Industries operates as a web of separate-but-interconnected units, each specializing in its own unique aspect of our business:

RACO Barcode is a proven global leader in barcode technology expertise, delivering a wide range of data collection products, software, and services.

RACO Card makes its mark all across the business world with ID cards, security access credentials, event management badges, and gift card solutions used by organizations large and small: retail stores, universities, daycares, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and many more.

RACO GPS aims to conquer any task when it comes to delivering the perfect solution for all of your GPS tracking and fleet management needs. We cover every aspect of the process, from data collection, to transmission and reporting, to day-to-day implementation.

RACO’s corporate headquarters serves as the central base of operations for nearly all aspects of our business, including our in-house development team, label and card manufacturing, repair depot, and state-of-the-art data center. With the help of our highly-skilled sales, service, and customer support teams, our pledge to you is a complete solution to your barcoding, card, and GPS needs that will make you a believer in our commitment to Extraordinary Excellence.

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The RACO Way


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We are passionate about our work environment. The health of our organization’s culture allows us to provide a superior customer experience that translates into success for our business. Our company is a living, breathing organism with a distinct personality. We express this personality through the core values which define our culture. Each new addition to our team will live and breathe these values which we call The RACO Way.

  • What’s Next?
  • Every Interaction is an Opportunity
  • We Got This

“What’s Next…” is the question we keep asking. It describes the feeling of anticipation we share as something new and exciting is about to happen. It’s about imagining the future, always improving. We are inspired, idealistic and entrepreneurial. If we don’t step forward, we’ll always be in the same place. There are no bystanders at RACO.

“Every Interaction is an Opportunity” is about how we treat others. It applies to anyone or anything: customers, vendors, co-workers, people we meet, what we read. We use it to identify our next loyal customer, our next great employee, or our next innovation. We’re all sales people. We’re all recruiters. We’re all learning. It requires awareness, showing respect and the ability to build trust.

“We Got This” means we get the work done. We take ownership. No passing it off and no excuses. It defines our work ethic. Resilient and resourceful, we will find a solution and make it happen. “We Got This” captures our casual, unpretentious, humble personality. A little quirky, but very human and very RACO.

The RACO Way collectively represents a set of beliefs that act as the glue holding us together as we grow, evolve, and adapt to competitive challenges.  We express our personality through The RACO Way which defines our culture.

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