Aug 14, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers

Technology is constantly evolving to better serve the needs of businesses, and labeling software is no different.  Here are six reasons you should get on board when their software is improved.

Could You Label Better?

  1. Windows operating system updates – At the time of an operating system update, it’s important to upgrade your labeling software as well to ensure they’re compatible. For example, the latest release of TEKLYNX software is tested with the latest Windows operating systems to ensure smooth label printing.
  2. Business systems upgrades – If your business upgrades its ERP, WMS, or other business system, upgrade to the latest version of your labeling software at the same time. Using an outdated version of labeling software with an updated business system can create compatibility issues with potential for a stop in label printing and production.
  3. Wizard enhancements – Each new version release of TEKLYNX labeling software brings updates to the GS1 barcode wizard. Ensure you are creating compliant GS1 barcode labels by leveraging the latest version.
  4. Enhanced features – Powerful new features and functions are added to each new version release of TEKLYNX software that are proven to increase efficiency and save time.
  5. Printer support – When implementing new hardware into your labeling environment it’s important to use labeling software that supports your new printer model. Older versions of labeling software lack printer support, so when buying new hardware, ensure your labeling software is optimized to work with it and get the most return on that investment.
  6. Technical support – The older your labeling software is, the less technical support is available. Leverage the current version of your labeling software to ensure extensive technical support.

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